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Let’s Bring Your Daydreams to Life

Hi I’m Sophie

There is nothing I love more than bringing stories to life and creating connections — which is why I majored in documentary filming-making and international affairs. My heart has always been pulled to purpose-driven work, it is energizing to work with passionate people who share similar goals in their business. After years of working in marketing, photography, and visual storytelling, I am confident that we can communicate your message and identity in a compelling and refreshing way! 

My passion for creating runs deep. With every client we partner with, I try to think outside the box and help reveal a truly cohesive and captivating story in each project.

The Founder and Creative Director of Drift! 

The Drift Experience

This whole process is about YOU and your needs. We are here to bring all those immense, incredible ideas to life — no matter how big of a plunge it may be. Drift offers a full suite of visual and written services to achieve your marketing goals, offering impactful visuals and copy to create a unified package. Providing a diverse range of services allows us to tailor everything to your vision and tell your story in an emotionally compelling way. 

Our creative consulting goes deep into who you are, the dreams you have, and how we can build your brand around that. Everything in your campaign will be tied back to this message so we can foster meaningful relationships with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Forging comraderie in the creative community and sharing our expertise is our passion.

While the primary focus of Drift is to create compelling visual and written narratives for brands in their marketing, we also provide consulting and education services, as well as hosting community events to bring creatives together. 

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